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August 12, 2016
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August 26, 2016

Thursday,  September 8, 2016  – Unpacking the Heart

Anyone who serves as a caregiver knows that the process of caregiving is multifaceted. It can be deeply satisfying to us and beneficial to those in our care or the opposite. Some are thrust into the role while others choose it. It often can feel lonely and groundless, sometimes never-ending. At best it’s confusing and can fill caregivers with conflicting thoughts and emotions and doubts. This is normal but also stressful.

During our next Caregivers Forum, facilitated by a masterful writer, Marti Paschal, participants will have an opportunity to put words to their own experiences about caregiving and explore through a guided writing exercise and discussion how this kind of practice can deepen understanding and lead to insights. For many the first step involves learning how to (gradually) meet the reality of their circumstances with honesty and a compassionate attitude rather than reacting out of resistance, denial, fear, or a heavy sense of burden which often leads to burnout. Writing about our experience can put us in touch with our hearts and with those in our care in new ways that nourish kindness, as well as genuine self-care. This practice can be learned and is both skillful and sustainable.

Whether you are a professional caregiver or a family member or friend attending to a loved one, please join us for this Caregivers Forum. While not required, registering for the evening helps us plan accordingly. You can sign up by clicking on the link below. Additionally, you can sign up on our email contact form to be notified about Caregivers Forum information.

About the Facilitator
Marti Paschal’s younger brother Martin died of AIDS in the early 1990’s. She will share her essay about his dying and death – a remarkable account about care. It’s about caring for Martin during that time but it’s also a narrative about Marti’s own experiences and insights of ‘being with’ Martin while being deeply present with herself and her mother who was Martin’s primary caregiver. Her essay will be published in the 2017 Women of Color Anthology: All the Women in My Family Sing (NBTT, May 2017).  Marti is a Stanford Law alum and is currently working on a collection of vignettes about loss and dying.