Peer Support Volunteers

Compassionately Serving Our Community

Our services are provided primarily by trained volunteers who have experience in healing from their own personal loss. With the aid of professional staff and ongoing training, Kara's peer support volunteers provide crucial service to those grieving in our community. Please consider joining the team of over 200 volunteers who serve Kara’s mission annually.

Peer Support Model of Service

At the core of Kara’s identity is the belief that during times of grief even the most emotionally healthy people need the empathetic support of others who have similar experiences. Guided by empathy, our volunteers and staff uphold a passion for serving as a very personal healing force in the community. Key to the success of Kara’s mission is our peer support model (adopted from the Shanti Model), which advocates listening, speaking, and acting from the heart in service to others. Our peer support model is a philosophy and a set of tools that our trained volunteers use to support and serve those who are grieving.

I benefit immensely. To accompany a person, as they move through their grief process, is profound – giving us the experience of what is involved in truly being human.

Kara Peer Support Volunteer

Volunteer Training Program

Please note - due to the current Coronavirus Pandemic, our traditional volunteer training program will not be conducted as usual in 2021. Feel free to complete the contact form below so that we are aware of your interest and are able to communicate information regarding our plans for the new year. Thank you.

All of our peer support volunteers complete a 21-hour training program which prepares them to support and accompany others along the grief process. Continued training is provided throughout the year in small and large group formats. All candidates are required to attend an initial information session and submit an application to be considered for enrollment. Our annual training class is held in early March and information sessions are conducted in January. Detailed Information is published in late-autumn. Please complete our contact form below to be notified about our next training cycle. For Spanish Speakers, click here to learn about how you can serve grieving Latinos.

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