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Spring 2022 Mindful Self-Compassion Course
March 3, 2022
Mother’s Day for the Grieving
May 2, 2022

Community Education Series Online Workshop

Our Community Education Series provides quarterly workshops and education events to help our community become more grief-informed and better equipped to support others through loss.
Thursday, February 3rd
Thursday, April 28th
Thursday, July 28th
Thursday, October 20th

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Death & Secondary Losses

Exploring and Honoring the Other Aspects of Loss
that Come With the Death of a Significant Relationship
April  28, 2022  7-8pm

In grief, we may not only mourn the person who has died but the way we encountered, interacted, and engaged in the world around us. While the death of a significant relationship may be the cataclysmic event, the secondary losses that happen along the way reinforce the event.

“Death and Secondary Losses” is a workshop focused on addressing the other losses that come from the death of a significant relationship. In this workshop we will define secondary losses, as well as the terms disenfranchised loss and ambiguous loss. We’ll also examine some common secondary losses such as friendship, finances, privacy, traditions, and home. Secondary losses are a normal part of grief; our hope is that, by identifying and acknowledging them, we can begin to honor our entire grief process and journey.

This workshop will focus on:

  • Addressing and defining terms such as: secondary loss, disenfranchised grief, and ambiguous loss
  • Utilizing videos and real life accounts to articulate secondary losses such as friendship, finances, privacy, traditions, and home
  • Providing a space to reflect on the topic of secondary loss and begin to identify for oneself the secondary losses incurred in grief

No Fee Required      All are Invited     Please Consider a Donation

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