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Kara candlelight service
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With the goal of serving the bereaved in our community while prioritizing the health and safety of clients, volunteers, and staff, Kara service options may include both in-person and telehealth (phone or video meetings) support services. Inquiries from individuals, families, and organizations should be submitted through this contact form or by calling us at 650-321-5272

Kara provides comprehensive grief support, crisis intervention and education to individuals and communities facing the difficult realities of death and dying. Our services offer emotional support and information to those grieving a death or coping with a terminal illness (their own or another's). Kara provides a safe place to express and normalize feelings of grief, to learn to integrate grief and move toward renewed hope and meaning. For individuals and families, we offer both peer support and therapy.

Peer Support Services are provided by volunteers with experience in healing from their own personal loss; volunteers who are carefully screened, trained and supervised. Our peer support model advocates listening, speaking, and acting from the heart in service to others. Fees are not charged for our peer support services but donations are suggested (one's ability to donate never affects service availability). Kara is a self-referral organization. Some people find it helpful to have a supportive family member or friend present with them when they contact us for services.

Grief Therapy Services are provided by supervised Associates who have completed their course requirements and are working on their client hours for licensing. These services are offered for a reasonable fee.

Our comprehensive services also include Crisis Response and Training & Education for schools, community organizations and businesses dealing with tragedy, trauma and loss.

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Professional referrals are welcome. Please review our Professional Referral Guidelines