Leadership Volunteers

Compassionately Serving Our Community

Kara greatly benefits from the skills and talents of many local professionals. Serving as a board member or on one of our active committees gives you the opportunity to offer leadership and governance necessary to ensure our services meet the needs of the bereaved in our community. These volunteer roles do not require the special training that our peer support volunteers complete.

Please consider joining the team of over 200 volunteers who serve Kara’s mission annually.

Serving on Kara’s board allows me to contribute in a meaningful way to an agency that provides critical services to our community. I have the privilege to work closely with a team of professionals who are sharing their unique leadership skills, knowledge and experiences to create the strategic direction to build a solid foundation for Kara’s future. We are the stewards to ensure that this heart centered organization can have the greatest impact in the communities that we live and work.

Kara Board Member