Recommended Programs and Services

The following services are offered to help support local schools and students or as an important complement to a professional staff development program.

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Kara staff members can provide phone consultations with school personnel or therapists who are experiencing or supporting grieving children, teens and other staff. Guidance in talking with and supporting them as well as recommending grief support resources at Kara and our partner organizations can be offered, including referrals to professionals experienced in grief support.

School-Based Peer Groups

In addition to the on-going groups at Kara's Youth & Family Services facility, our Journeys Program initiative provides school-site groups for elementary and middle schools. Students are identified by school personnel and invited to participate, and the groups are led by highly trained staff and volunteers. Interested schools should contact us to discuss participation in the Journeys Program. Learn More

Crisis Support

Kara offers on-site crisis support services to schools to help process their grief when a death has occurred or is anticipated. Experienced staff and volunteer facilitators help school staff and students process their reactions to the death and find ways to process their grief. Learn More

Grief Training & Education

Trainings and workshops include topics such as how to talk with children about death, how to support grieving students and colleagues, recognizing symptoms of grief, cultivating compassionate presence, and coping with an unexpected loss or terminal illness. Some presentations are also offered in Spanish. Learn More

Kara - support of schools
We are so appreciative of Kara.  You are amazing and responded so quickly to our call. Your team worked with a group of 40 parents in processing their grief and also guided them on how to help their children. During a crisis such as the death of a young person, having a community partner like Kara be there to support the school is invaluable.

— Local School Administrator