How Your Gift Helps

How Your Gift Helps

Donations of Any Amount Make a Difference

Your gift helps us provided much-needed support to those coping with grief and loss. Children's grief support groups, adult one-on-one counseling, and crisis response and grief education in local schools are just a few examples of Kara's commitment to our community's welfare. Your donations allow us to act on our guiding value of empathy and deliver hope and healing daily.

Through individual and group peer support, crisis intervention, training, therapy, and community events, Kara provided grief services to over 4,700 community members in 2015. We are deeply grateful for your generous support.

Your Generosity Delivered Hope & Healing in 2015:

  • 79 children attended our summer grief camp for kids - Camp Erin
  • 579 individuals received support in our child and adult grief groups
  • 139 children and adults received over 1,550 hours of support through our grief therapy program
  • 175 adults received ongoing support in our one to one peer counseling program
  • Over 300 consultations were provided to adults and families seeking support after a loss
  • Over 3,000 children and adults from 59 agencies received support from our Community Outreach and Training & Education Programs
  • 480 community members participated in our Annual Walk to Remember and Candlelight Service

There is no better gift than having a friend to walk that grief journey with you. For me, Kara is that friend.

Kara Client

As a 501(c)(3) non-profit Kara is eligible to accept bequests. Please consider including Kara in your will or trust. Our federal identification number is 94-2431483. Contact us at 650-321-5272.