How Your Gift Helps

How Your Gift Helps

Donations of Any Amount Make a Healing Difference

Your gift helps us provide much-needed support to those coping with grief and loss. Children's grief support groups, adult one-on-one counseling in English and Spanish, and crisis response and grief education in local schools are just a few examples of Kara's commitment to our community's welfare. Your donations allow us to act on our guiding value of empathy and deliver hope and healing daily.

Through individual and group peer support, workshops, crisis response, training, therapy, consultations, and community events, Kara provided grief services to over 8,000 community members in 2021 - 2022 through both in-person and telehealth delivery models due to the ongoing Covid-19 Pandemic. We are deeply grateful for your generous support.

2022 Summary of Grief Support Services to Our Community

  • Compassionate volunteers provided individual and group grief support to 1,222 adults and children.
  • We reached 1,518 individuals through crisis support and grief training, serving 61 organizations.
  • Caring staff offered grief consultations and community referrals to 397 individuals.
  • 634 individuals attended online and in-person events, designed to promote a more grief-informed community
  • Clinical staff and associates served 89 individuals with grief-specific therapy, providing 1,284 sessions.

I love that Kara is accessible to anyone; all humanity deserves care! By donating, I am able to take away financial pressures from others during their time of need and also help the service be broadly accessible.

Caitlin, Volunteer & Donor

As a 501(c)(3) non-profit Kara is eligible to accept bequests. Please consider including Kara in your will or trust. Our federal identification number is 94-2431483. Contact us at 650-321-5272.