A Lifetime In A Weekend

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August 4, 2016
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August 12, 2016
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A Lifetime In A Weekend


CE2016When I decided to volunteer for Camp Erin, I knew it was going to be special. Every counselor and volunteer that had been there before would never put words to it. They would say you just have to experience it to understand. So even as I write now, I know my words will not encompass the raw power of the human spirit experienced at camp. It was the sheer energy that comes from a community of people sharing the bonding power of grief.

I started camp hoping to build a safe place for our young gucamperingirls2016ests to experience their own path towards self-awareness, feeling and sharing as they come to understand the common threads touching each of them.  Before I knew it, I was immersed in the experience.  I watched pain, fear, play, happiness, sorrow, confusion, anger, love, encouragement,  empowerment, growth, empathy and unity.  I was living a lifetime in a weekend that came and went in the blink of an eye.  I feel so blessed to have been part of it and I am forever thankful for Camp Erin and everyone that was there.

– Brian Tupper, Therapy Program Trainee and Volunteer

I was living a lifetime in a weekend that came and went in the blink of an eye.

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