Understanding Our Grieving Style Workshop

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Understanding Our Grieving Style Workshop

Community Education Series Online Workshop


Understanding Our Grieving Style

A Closer Look at Various Ways We Grieve
July 29, 2021  7-8pm

In 1999, Kenneth Doka and Terry Martin questioned if our gender impacts how we grieve. In their exploration they wanted to know if our genders prescribed our adaption to loss and change and, if so, if it could be a road map to healing in the wake of grief. What their seminal work “Grieving Beyond Gender” uncovered was the different ways that individuals grieve, noting that gender is only one factor that affects an individual’s style or pattern of grief. They put forth the notion that there are “styles or patterns of grieving.”

In this workshop we will explore these noted styles and patterns of grieving. Through visual media and an experiential exercise, we will learn more about the styles and patterns of the grieving so as to expand our understanding of how we process death and mourn our significant relationships.

In this workshop you will:

  • Be exposed to various styles of grief through media portrayals
  • Learn how to differentiate intuitive grievers, where the pattern is more affective, from instrumental grievers, who grieve in a more cognitive and behavioral way.
  • Be given an exercise to explore an intuitive and instrumental grieving style.

All are Invited
Offered online via Zoom – Register Here

No Fee Required – Please Consider a Donation


Our Community Education Series provides workshops and education events to help our community become more grief-informed and better equipped to support others through loss.  

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