Kara’s 40th Anniversary: What A Night!

Embracing the Kara Community: 40 Years of Serving
April 19, 2017
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May 2, 2017
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Kara’s 40th Anniversary: What A Night!

Last Friday night, we celebrated Kara’s 40th anniversary and what a celebration!

The night was buzzing from the beginning, with guests arriving full of energy and anticipation, looking forward to the evening’s events, especially hearing Sheryl Sandberg share her story. Prior to dinner, guests gathered on the patio for drinks and conversation – of course after they checked out the wine pull station, the raffle baskets, and the auction prizes!

The wine pull was an incredible success – over 100 bottles donated and every one scooped up quickly! Raffle ticket holders frantically searched their numbers as each one was called and the winners leapt from their seats when their number got pulled. Franco Finn made the auction fun and exciting, auctioning off prize after prize. I missed out on the Hamilton package, but some lucky (and generous!) bidder took it for $14,000. Incredible!

The giving continued with the Fund-a-Need, people once again showing their support and appreciation of Kara. Bidder after bidder made donations at all levels and our auctioneer had some special help from a Camp Erin camper – Ella, whose enthusiasm certainly encouraged folks to keep on giving. It was an amazing outpouring of energy and generosity.

Certainly, the highlight of the evening was having the privilege of hearing Sheryl’s poignant and powerful story. Her candor and emotion let us know that there is still grief, but her story and her “post-traumatic growth” as she called it, let us know that finding joy is possible and we can build resilience. She shared how the Kara community was (and still is) important to her, how Kara services helped support her family in the days and months after her husband Dave passed away.

When someone dies, the last thing we likely think is how could anything good come from this loss? I’m sure it never occurred to Sheryl Sandberg that when her husband Dave died that she’d be able to rise from that loss to help others rise as well.

Her generosity in sharing her story didn’t end with her talk – she gifted everyone with signed copies of her new book “Option B” that she co-wrote with her friend Adam Grant. Her hope is that others can find meaning in the face of adversity and loss.

The 40th Anniversary Celebration was a night to remember. We knew it was going to be great, but was really above and beyond expectation. We can’t wait to do it again!

Jacquie Davidson
40th Anniversary Celebration Committee Member

P.S. – be sure to check out our event pictures on Facebook!

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