Bring Hope to Families & Children this Summer

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July 18, 2016
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July 27, 2016
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Bring Hope to Families & Children this Summer


A safe, healing, and resilient place in our community for every child and family where they are understood, comforted, and companioned after the death of a loved one. What is this worth to you? Many who have been served by Kara would say, “You can’t put a price on it.” For a 9-year-old camper from Camp Erin, our annual three-day camp for grieving children, this safe place made his life easier: “I felt happy – really happy – for the first time since my mom died.”

Additionally, participants in our Youth & Family Program have shared…

“My group allowed me the courage to face my fears and feelings. I found out I was not actually alone on this journey, which was very powerful and comforting.”

“At Kara, I feel understood. It has provided me with a healthy outlet to speak about my losses and connect with others who have also lost a child. It made me feel like I belong somewhere.”

For almost 40 years, Kara has been providing children, adults, and families with a safe place, free of judgement and timelines, to share and navigate their loss and undergo the seemingly impossible process of understanding their new reality. Some might think there’s no hope. But there is hope. And there is support, every day, for even the most difficult of losses within a family. When you make a donation to Kara, you say “Yes!” and make it possible for children and families to rebuild their lives. Over the next year, your gift will enable us to serve…

  • Over 80 youth at Camp Erin, with more than 30% of campers expected to receive ongoing grief services
  • 200 grieving children, middle-schoolers, and teens, including those in our newest bilingual support group
  • 250 parents and caregivers with compassionate grief support

Your gift has even more impact as we launch our new Community Schools Initiative in the fall, which will deliver grief support groups to students and their families at their schools. Together, we can bring hope and healing when worlds seem to have shattered. Together, we can engender communities filled with compassion, kindness toward ourselves and each other, and resilience.  By donating today, your gift gives children and families a safe place to grieve, to be understood, and to find meaning and hope.  And for that, we are truly grateful.

Now you can double the impact of your gift to Kara!

For every new or increased dollar we receive from SFF_Challenge-8community supporters like you, the Sobrato Family Foundation will match it – times two – up to $27,000.   With every dollar raised we can help bring hope and meaning to children and families this summer!  Thank you so much for your generous support!