2017 Summer Fund Appeal

The Power of Your Summer Gift!

When I was growing up in rural Massachusetts, I had a best friend who arrived home after school one day to find his mom unresponsive on the kitchen floor. From that point forward I recall clearly that Bert had a difficult time navigating his teen years while trying to make sense of the death of his mother. His world was filled with loss and grief, but I really didn’t understand the extent of his suffering or the pain he was experiencing.

I only wish I knew then what I know now about supporting a friend in grief. If only there had been a place like Kara to provide Bert the care and space to grieve and heal.

That is why I am so grateful for the service we provide every day for grieving kids and teens facing the challenge of living their lives while also holding the death of their mom or dad. Our support extends to the entire family unit through peer groups, consultations, Camp Erin, one-on-one counseling, and (our newest program) grief groups to students at schools.

Research in childhood bereavement reports that 1 in 20 kids will experience the loss of a significant family member before they reach age 18 – that’s over 65,000 kids and their families in the Bay Area.

This reality magnifies how important it is for Kara to provide our community a safe place to grieve. And your investment in our mission empowers us to do just that!

So I hope that while many are enjoying their summer road trips and care-free vacations over the next two months, you will give a gift today and help bring compassion and healing to families along their journey of grief. They will truly be grateful.

Wiith much gratitude,

Jim Santucci, Executive Director

As a 501(c)(3) non-profit Kara is eligible to accept bequests. Please consider including Kara in your will or trust. Our federal identification number is 94-2431483. Contact us at 650-321-5272.